Fashion models walk the catwalk, appear in editorial work…their job is to look after themselves and make sure that they are the ‘look’ that the client wants.  But the job of a fashion model is changing as their predecessors realised before them…there is a new understanding that fashion models make money – for their agencies, for the clients, for retailers.  Never before has the exposure of the fashion model been so easy.  We are here to help guide fashion models through the obstacle course of legal jargon, contracts, visas, releases and the like to make sure they get what they work for and are able to develop their brand.

Legal and business issues faced by fashion models can include the formation of contracts between them and their agency (both home agency and internationally), their rights to their image and the way it is used, the impact of social media and their financial concerns (including getting paid, financial structures and investing their money).

Fashion model agencies may also look to us for assistance in preparing their standard form agreements with fashion models and clients to ensure that every stakeholder gets a fair deal.  Assistance can also be provided in ensuring that everyone is paid and any debts are recovered both domestically and internationally.