In the Courts – Anna Cleveland, Next Model Management and the Documentary Makers


Christmas was not so merry for Next Models’ Anna Cleveland who was slapped with court documents issued out of the US District Court of the Southern District of New York citing damages for, amongst other things, breach of a contract.   All in the Works LLC (AITW) alleges that Anna had agreed to make herself exclusively available to the production company for the filming of a documentary on her life (see reality TV expose).

It seems either Anna or her people at Next had other ideas some way through the shooting and Anna suddenly became ‘unavailable’ to meet her obligations.  AITW says her timing was critical, as Anna completely fell off the radar during the Spring 2017 Paris and Milan fashion weeks.  And then dear readers we are told that it was not Anna that was playing the belligerent diva but rather her people at Next had induced those pesky contractual breaches and interfered with her contractual obligations with AITW.  And as we all know that’s a big no no in the world of torts law!

Stay tuned for the outcome of this one as the case is yet young and with AITW alleging that the project is now a write off the likelihood of the damages claim skyrocketing beyond the $350,00 currently claimed is nothing but to be expected.  [see All in the Works, LLC v. Cleveland et al, 1:16-CV-0989]


New York Fashion Models – Know Your Rights

images-7Are you a fashion model that has worked or continues to work for any of the following modeling agencies in New York city or around the world:

Wilhelmina Models from 2001; Next Management from 2000; Major Model Management from 2005; Elite from 1998; MC2 Miami & MC2 Models from 2005 and Click from 2006?

Is it possible that you:

  1. were classified as an independent contractor but were really an employee;
  2. did not receive compensation for one or more uses and/or reuses of images created as part of your relationship with the agency;
  3. attended a casting, go-see, meeting, check-in, test shoot or performed any uncompensated work or service at the direction your agency;
  4. received a pay check from your agency.

If yes to any or all of the above then you may be a member of the ‘Class’ of fashion models that have an interest in the law suit that has been brought by 9 former fashion models against the above agencies, on their own behalf and on behalf all models that fall within the ‘Class.’

The law suit is currently being fought in the Supreme Court of the State of New York.114581080If the models are successful with their law suit, on behalf of themselves and the ‘Class,’ they seek the following from the agencies:

  1. unpaid wages on their own behalf and on behalf of those members of the class;
  2. minimum wages for periods in which the agencies delayed wage payments;
  3. compensation for unlawful deductions from wages;
  4. a court order requiring the agencies to provide models with accurate payroll records, wage statements and a full explanation of how wages and deductions are calculated;
  5. interest of outstanding money.

If you think that you are part of the above Class and want to find out more about your rights OR if you are not part of the above Class but have experienced similar issues with your agency please email for a no cost, confidential chat about your rights and potential remedies.